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Rural Modular Builders

Modular Builders Delivering Quality, Reliability and Consistency

MRN Construction has developed a specialist capability in the design, construction and delivery of modular buildings. We have a reputation for quality, innovative construction, and logistic solutions that make us a leader in our field.

In addition to modular construction, we can provide site-built solutions, demolition, refurbishment, and infrastructure projects throughout remote locations. Rest assured, we approach every job with steadfast service to meet budget and timeframe requirements.

MRN can manage a whole project, from design to construction. Or, if you have an existing design and specifications, we can implement the construction component exclusively.

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Local Knowledge -
Authentic Design
Modular Builders for RAC Holiday Park in Esperance

Experienced Modular Builders For Commercial and Government Construction Projects

We consider global trends and use our local knowledge and extensive experience to create an appropriate local aesthetic. In addition, our dedicated in-house design and drafting team ensures designs are authentic, liveable, and cohesive.

We can provide corporate and government clients with offices, community centres, art studios, galleries, residential dwellings, and other builds throughout Australia.

Proudly Australian
MRN Construction has access to a wide range of quality suppliers, all Australian-owned and operated. Wherever possible, our policy is to use local trades and suppliers to ensure we support regional communities and businesses.
Health and Safety
Our organisation implements health and safety measures with absolute commitment and diligence. Our mission is to ensure that all our employees and contractors have a safe work environment that allows them to go home to their friends and family safely each day. In addition, we work with our clients and partners to achieve mutual safety targets and objectives. Our team participates in regular meetings, audits, and checks to ensure we adhere to industry best practices.
Training and Development

MRN Construction is committed to training, nurturing, and ultimately recruiting aspiring apprentices to be a part of the team on construction sites throughout Australia.

Our pathways program has provided employment and training opportunities since 2016. We have provided work for many people in remote locations, including indigenous youth and people serving criminal justice sentences. Apprenticeships and traineeships have also been provided in this program. In addition, we actively offer career pathways in carpentry, steel fabrication, and office support roles.

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